There’s Always An Ophelia is an experimental short movie by Saul Braun.

There’s Always An Ophelia is an experimental short movie by Saul Braun.


Hamlet dumps his girlfriend Ophelia. She decides to hurt him by getting it on with “Uncle Don” Claudius, Don of the nation’s only Danish-American Crime Family, who happens to be Hamlet’s stepfather.


Ophelia was a cheerful little girl. She is angry and dissatisfied with Hamlet since the Helmet abandoned her, leaving her helpless, and she walks to a pool to drown herself but changes her mind. 

Hamlet will be enraged if she hooks up with “Uncle Don” Claudius; others suspect them of having sexual relationships, but Ophelia denies it at times; yet, Don and Ophelia have such a relationship.

The don’s wife speaks with his bodyguards, “Rosie” Krantz and “Goldie” Stern, who were once agents for Mossad. She wants them to kill someone. They receive the money but refuse to kill, leaving the crime site before the killing assignment is accomplished.  Ophelia begins to learn how to take power in a Crime network.

The best part of the movie is the quality performance of Ophelia, she has shown remarkable acting skills in the movie. 

Overall it is a good movie but it could have been a much better movie if the voice quality of the movie had been clearer, the background noise brought disturbance and took the viewer’s focus away from the movie at various points. 

There’s Always An Ophelia participated and competed at the Luleå International Film Festival and won the award for Best Actress in the short category.