Flight into the Darkness experimental film by Alexander Ratter


In her ruthless struggle for a new beginning abroad, Maria’s ambivalent relationship with her brother Daniel gains more implosive power than ever expected. Based on a novel by Arthur Schnitzler, the flight into Darkness marks a tightrope walk between past and future—between Vienna and Buenos Aires.


Flight into the Darkness is a 27-minute experimental short film by Alexander Ratter. The film is based on a novel by Arthur Schnitzler.
The movie starts by showing Maria; she seems lost in deep thought.

The movie shows the complicated relationship between Maria and her brother Daniel. She is away from home in Argentina and she is looking for an apartment there.
The first conversation between Maria and Daniel pointed out the complications between brother and sister. Daniel tells her that he would love to meet her, but she says she will call him again and drops the call immediately. With such a complication between the two siblings, they still keep connected and show a hint of respect for each other.

The film highlights the fragile relationship between siblings, with the sister in a more controlling position. The voice-over narration makes it easy for the audience to understand the scenes of the movie. Flight into the Darkness is a nicely shot movie. The best part of the movie is Maria’s acting; she has done a wonderful job.