Yar-friend music video

Since the murder of Mahsa Amini at the hands of morality police in Iran on September 16, 2022, Iranians around the world have begun the uprising to topple the current illegitimate regime of Iran under the slogan: “Woman, Life, Freedom”

Over 20,000 souls have been arrested and are held in Iranian Prisons in the most torturous and inhumane conditions. At least 516 protesters have been killed, 70 of which are children. Thousands more have been gravely injured, sexually assaulted and kidnapped, and disappeared. 

In a fresh round of retaliation, the government has now chemically attacked over 300 all-girl elementary and high schools across Iran, sending over 2000 girls to hospital with chemical poisoning and killing at least 2. 

And yet Iranians have not given up, clinging to their shared cause to seek change. This song is inspired by the sustained heartache of losing so many young boys and girls in the revolution and is dedicated to the empty seats left behind by the killed students in elementary, high schools, and universities.

The above paragraphs are the synopsis of the music video. Yar is a music video directed by Fran Menchon and produced by Farnaz Ohadi, the main cast is based on Ana Agraz and Emilio Ochando, and the duration of YAR is just above 4 minutes.

The 1st scene of the video begins with a girl sitting on dry land with a sad face but determination in her eyes, the eagle giving the message to fly high and get the goals.

Each and every scene is worth watching and successfully gives the message of hardships, challenges, and hopes. The actors and actresses as children and as well as the grown performed amazingly well. The expressions are very strong. 

The camera work, the lighting, and the selection of scenes, strongly portrayed the message of the director to convey to the world about the worst human rights situation in Iran. The selection of words in poetry is also outstanding and to the point.

The weakest part of YAR is the subtitling part, subtitles are moving very fast and it is almost impossible for the viewers to catch it, the viewers rather need to pause again and again to read the subtitles.  

The YAR has participated in the Luleå International Film Festival in 2 categories and won one of the categories as Best Music Video.

The Poetry!

“The only people who can save us are you and me”

My childhood friend from early School years

you are my forever friend and companion

The hard lessons of life always

hovering on our heads

you are my regret and my nostalgia

our names are forever written on the blackboard

The signs of beatings from tyranny and bullying

are still left on our bodies 


the fields of our unhappiness

is full of weeds and dying flowers

no matter how good or how bad

the people’s hearts are dead

only our hands can tear down these curtains

who other than us can heal our wounds?