Me Time, A documentary that discuss taboos openly

Me time is a film about being childfree and the expectations of mothers, In this documentary, 6 protagonists talk about their personal experiences with abortion and sterilization, from having an unplanned pregnancy to being a happy mother and vice versa from the wanted child to regretting motherhood.

Taboo topics are discussed openly, honestly, and with humor, provocative questions are answered and political laws are questioned. About care work and career, ecological footprint and sustainability with children, selfishness and adoption, remorse and freedom, lack of privacy, and broken partnerships.
The protagonists criticize social norms, revise prejudices and invite us to reflect on our own ideas and thought patterns about having children.
“Me time” competed in Luleå International Film Festival and the jury members highly appreciated it, and this movie won 2 of the following categories, Best First-time Documentary Film, Best First-time Director.

Director Biography – Ayla Yildiz
The documentary filmmaker Ayla Yildiz is a trained audiovisual media designer and an image and multimedia editor specializing in socially critical and political short films. Several films have already won awards.
Since 2010, the sole proprietor has been freelancing for various productions, taking on every step of the filmmaking process: conception, direction, camera, and post-production. In her environment, she is known as a “one-woman show”.
Clients include Funke Mediengruppe (one of the largest media groups in Germany) for various online platforms, WDR (the second largest broadcaster in Europe), and various other production companies.
Creating inspiring films that not only make the audience think but also the protagonists and herself, is her great passion.