The Hinter-Land by Christopher Angus


The  Hinter-Land is an animated short film directed, produced, and written by Christopher Angus. It competed at the Luleå International Film Festival and won the category.

The film shows that everything has become lifeless, the environment has become so dirty that no animal can even drink clean water, and while a character Todd in the film grows sunflowers in his fields, he thinks that by doing this, he will be able to improve the situation by cleaning the environment.

The movie shows that there are always good and bad people among humans, as, in the movie, evil forces come to destroy Todd’s mustard crop and it happens, but Todd does not give up, and by standing firm in his conviction against the demonic forces, and he finally defeats them. This film is a beautiful effort with a great message.

Certainly, script, cinematography, and background music play a huge role in making any film successful, and this is even more important in an animated film such as Hinter-Land. We can see such a great combination of all these qualities in Christopher Angus’s film Hinter-Land.


A musical gardener ejects his hired hand, leading to things on his little planet going horribly astray.