Outside Francisque, a documentary by Francisco Del Ryo

Outside Francisque is an experimental featured documentary film by Francisco Del Ryo, the movie is written, directed, and co-produced by him and Benoit Sourty is the co-producer. Outside Francisque painted various shades of a symbolic filmmaker Francisque Dudestin.


“Who was Francisque Dudestin, the eccentric director of French cinema’s highest-grossing film, who mysteriously disappeared? Let’s try to answer the question through the eyes of five key characters”.

Outside Francisque, it starts with music beats and blurry characters that create suspense and interest in the movie. Each character in the documentary comes up with well-scripted lines, and the best thing is that they performed very well. The movie starts with a positive image of the famous director Francisque.

It’s important to understand that working in the film industry is not an easy job, it can be very hard and stressful. From directors to producers, writers, actors, actresses, editors, spot boys, and makeup artists, each one has its own hardships, changes, and stresses during the work.

The most important thing in any work is freedom and there is no freedom in filmmaking. You have to follow the exact lines given by the directors and producers, and this can be an extremely frustrating situation sometimes. As explained in Outside Francisque, the cast director Ségolène Germain shows her anger and dislike of Francisque Dudestin joining her at the casting interviews, and his dictating tendency to remain there all the time made her angry and frustrated.

The documentary is well written, some lines are incredible in explaining the situation. One of the characters says that you are an ordinary person, whatever great you do, but no one cares because you are not famous.  But once you are famous then it’s completely the opposite.

Technically, it was a good movie, with camera work, lighting, background music, sound effects, and editing seeming perfect. All the actors and actresses performed well, and their performance kept the audience in the movie. 

Outside Francisque competed in the Luleå International Film Festival for the category of Best Student Film and the Jury declared it as the winner for the month of September 2023.

Director’s Statement about the documentary!

With OUTSIDE FRANCISQUE, I wanted to show how everyone can become an artist, bring his eccentricity to the world, and leave a sustainable memory to a range of people, who will all have a specific opinion about artists.

I also wanted to question the nature of the film itself: is it something seriously worked or just a gesture of genius that was perfectly improvised?