With love. L by Chari Krause ,Max Fritzsching. Review

With Love L.  is a short film that is a joint venture by Chari Krause and  Max Fritzsching.

The film’s Synopsis is a catchy one that grips viewers’ interest (Jane’s life in a big city is monotonous and every day feels the same. One day she finds a mysterious note on her doorstep that takes her out of the dreariness of her daily grind and aducts her on an emotional adventure that turns out differently than expected).

The short film With Love L. is based on Jane’s life. it shows her daily life as the same things happen repeatedly, she returns home one day to find a note with “Coffee with milk, with love. L” written on it, which creates a mystery and a bit of thrill in the movie, that note takes her to a journey that can be guessed separately by the audiences. The camera work, lighting, background music, and editing look perfect to the subject. 

The Film has none of the proper dialogues, it is all about storytelling with expressions. Nadine Klein did wonderfully, she played nicely with her expressions and acted amazingly to grip the interest of the audience in the movie. Nadine Klein’s performance is the best part of the movie.

The movie With Love L.competed in multiple categories at the Luleå International Film Festival in September 2023, and it won the Best Debut Actress Award.

Chari Krause and  Max Fritzsching.