Sugar People : a story of a young HIV-positive woman

Elena, a young HIV-positive woman meets Fillip, (Filip Trajkovic) a young romantic man at an intersection in the city of Skopje. They spend the next couple of days walking around the city and getting to know each other while forming a special bond.

Their strong feelings for each other make their limited time together long for more and lead to revealing more about themselves than they normally would since both believe they will never see one another again. And what if their once-in-a-lifetime encounter at the street light was just a possibility for creating a story?
The Sugar People participated in Luleå International Film Festival and won the Best Actress category in Short formate. Sara Klimoska as “Elena” won the Best Actress.

Director Statement about the movie.
My films are inspired by my emotions. With my films, I long to make the audience feel what I feel. To be the filmmaker that captures your heart.